porchlight.ca Virus Guard
The Internet has become a wonderful companion in our daily lives, but the need for constant vigilance against the threat of viruses can dampen one's enthusiasm. porchlight.ca has created a feature called porchlight.ca Virus Guard (PVG) that will help you combat viruses and simplify your approach to guarding against infection. PVG brings you back the feeling of comfort, security, and freedom.

With PVG the majority of viruses that come through your Internet connection are stopped before they reach your computer. If a common virus has already infected your computer and you connect to the Internet, PVG will detect the virus quickly. PVG will then notify porchlight.ca tech support and they will contact you and assist you with it's removal. This will greatly reduce the opportunity for the virus to spread to other computers, including those of your friends and contacts.

PVG provides simple instructions and straightforward guidelines to help prevent and clear infections. Direct links to tools and services that you can use to keep your data safe are readily available online, free of charge.

Your porchlight.ca Internet connection is protected with PVG. It is working for you right now. You can once again feel secure about using the Internet.

How Viruses Affect Your Internet Connection

Viruses affect your computer in various ways. Some are harmless, while others can disable your computer by damaging critical files. The most common effect of Internet viruses is a reduction in the overall performance of your Internet connection.

A common type of Internet virus called a "worm" can reduce your Internet performance by using your connection to spread itself. Worms send themselves to thousands of other computers and while your computer is busy sending out these viruses it can't give as much attention or resources to Internet activities. You will see pages loading much slower and files downloading at poorer rates.

Viruses infect your computer without your knowledge. It is comforting to know your porchlight.ca Internet connection has PVG working to detect them quickly so you can once again use your Internet connection to it's full potential.

The Elements of PVG
  1. Virus detection:
    All email is scanned. Infected emails are destroyed before they get to your inbox.

    All Internet connections are monitored for virus-like activity.

    Links to free resources for scanning your hard drives online are included on the porchlight.ca web site.

  2. Keeping you informed:
    If PVG detects virus activity on your Internet connection porchlight.ca will contact you to assist in the virus' removal.

    PVG will also send an email to your porchlight.ca email address indicating the virus your computer is infected with and directing you to information about the virus including removal instructions.

  3. Virus removal assistance:
    Simple instructions and online resources for removing specific viruses are available on the porchlight.ca website.

    On call tech support will provide friendly guidance to remove viruses 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturday.

  4. Guidelines for safe computing:
    Website resources and useful information with steps you can take to minimize the chance of becoming infected with a virus are available at all times.